Safe in your holidays

The most beautiful days of the year are on the doorstep and we look forward to a relaxing time at the sea, in the mountains or wherever it goes. So that you can relax and get back safely, we have put together a few tips for you.

Checklist before departure

  • Is the vehicle okay? Due inspections can now be completed
  • Box complete and still durable? The date can be found outside or in the insert
  • Warning vest for each passenger in its reach? This is the rule in some countries
  • Travel documents still valid? The dog also needs his vaccination certificate
  • EC card, credit cards still valid and functional?
  • Are pets and plants cared for? Friends, and neighbors to look to the right
  • Is the mailbox regularly emptied? The mail can also be stored at the post office until the return
  • Are you available in emergencies? Handynummer or holiday address
  • Do you need medication? Here also in time to get recipes or register in the pharmacy’s needs
  • Is your current health insurance currently up-to-date? The health insurance company helps here

On the day of departure

  • Shut-off water? If plants need to be poured, show where your friends/neighbours can do it
  • Electricity? If the refrigerator or other devices must remain switched on, at least unplug the unneeded devices
  • Gas turned off? In normal circumstances, no device needs gas during summer
  • Vehicle refueled and oil reserves, windshield water additives and similar things on board?
  • Tires in good condition and possibly the pressure adjusted to the higher load? Spare wheel?
  • Windows and doors closed in the house?
  • Route planned? Navi current? Take breaks every 2-3 hours
  • Emergency numbers in handy? Do not forget the automobile clubs abroad!
  • Copies of all documents available in case of emergency?
  • Baggage stowed? A good idea is to take the time to do so
  • Replacement glasses, charger for mobile phone and similar in the car handy? (In the lowest case should not be …)
  • Boredom of children? Books, loaded GameBoy, etc.

While driving

  • Take breaks, take drinks and small snacks
  • Traffic jams are not uninteresting during the trip, navigation with TMC or live traffic is useful
  • No opulent meals before and during the ride
  • Sleep well enough before night trips and do not overestimate your own driving ability
  • Speedlimits and traffic rules abroad are important, inform beforehand
  • Carry the translation aid (dictionary or similar) and store it in the car ready for use
  • Cash for emergencies?

Now it´s a good time to wish you a good trip!