Marten defense

Can you protect your car from marten-attacks?

Basically, we would say “no”, if the marten somehow finds the possibility to visit the car in peace and pursue there his drive or other tendencies.

We generally distinguish between the following cases:

The marten uses the car as a “street” and possibly as a toilet

It is difficult to do anything here, as this usually happens when the car is in the marten’s path. If he only runs over the car and shits on it now and then, this may be an annoying but also not too expensive  problem, only important is an effective protection for the lacquer and correspondingly frequent cleaning (which is often also the attractiveness of the car for The marten reduced)

The marten is placed under the engine hood

Often, one parks his warm car on the roadside and thus the existing warmth invites the animals to “get in” and enjoy the warmth, which is almost already human. Usually is not even something broken, up to the insulation mats and perhaps some dirt, which is however also annoying. It is dangerous when parked in different places (and also marten areas) and the animals senses the other one  and thereby aggression is awakened. Then it may be that the marten cools his mummy here, then a “distant hostile” is created, which regularly leads to the car being visited by rampaging marten.

Find a solution

It is difficult to provide a solution to this problem. First of all, we should not try the many widely propagated homeopathies such as Monoclines or dog hair, these methods do not work. Remedy can be created by trying to encapsulate the engine compartment from below, but this is rarely possible, because always some parts have to protrude outwards and must also be mobile. Here you have spent a lot of money, but mostly the marten goes still in the car. Marder shocks, which only work with electrically charged plates, which are supposed to kick the marten off, have the disadvantage that the marten first must  come in order to benefit from this defensive technique, which is basically paradoxical, especially when the animal doesn´t find the way out and jumps from plate to plate, your car can look after this event like a Rockfestival with 10000 visitors ….., devices which produce by means of for the marder unpleasant noise (usually not audible for humans) could be here already  more useful, because the marten should be kept at a distance. The one device works more, the other less, the one marten hears, the other not …. So we see that there is no 100% effective protection, even if the manufacturers tell this of their products. I do not want to go into all the means (of which the wire mesh under the car still seems to be one of the more plausible), about this can be found via Google & Co. certainly exhaustive information.

We have also searched for a long time, often enough thought, we have a 100% solution and then found that the effect was purely accidental so well and this is not reproducible to other martens. A few years ago, we discovered the marten-defense-devices of elotronik and put it into a car, which had problems with marten at 3 different places, so that the owner at that time seriously considered to be there at night and  wait to try to execute his marten, although it certainly would not have been successful in the long run. We were curious enough to test the “Marderschreck”, because this car seemed to have an uncanny attraction to marten. At that time, we did not consciously carry out any additional actions, such as motor washing or similar recommendations, but simply took the “Marderschreck extra”, as this was suitable from the recommended application and installed into the vehicle. To say that there was never a marten coming near the car would be a lie, occasionally there were still traces of a hike on this car, but quite rarely, and the visits under the hood remained completely. Whether the stronger “Marderschreck super” had here even more effect, we have not tested.

So we have – as it seems – a tried and tested equipment to significantly reduce the marten problem. The effective principle is a simulation of a warning call, which should suggest the marten danger and keep it away from it. The effect is undoubtedly the extent to which it is possible to prevent the very rare individualized migrations of the passenger car, but at least with the incorporation of the marten ‘s fright, also the motive of the carcass (faeces of martens looks like rotten cherries) had an end. Now the attractive rubber parts, e.g. antennas will be cleaned with acetone and then applied with tabasco, this should take the remaining attractiveness of the car for the marten.

In 6 years of testing time, there was no damage to the passenger car due to marten visits, so the use of the elotronik devices is our unqualified recommendation.

The products of Stop & Go have now been added after extensive tests. In some cases, proven methods of defense, which are to keep the marten away, are combined with shocking methods (high-voltage plates), so a marten, which is not hearing the noises, cannot enjoy undisturbed existence under the hood. The plates are placed so that the marten is in any case in contact with them and then loses the desire to stay there. Due to the defense by means of ultrasound, the use of these plates should not be necessary, but this last possibility is also exhausted in order to protect your vehicle. What we like (and our customers) here are the different devices, which are optimally aligned to the respective application purpose. Even the autarkic use without the vehicle battery is possible, the devices then have their own batteries, which must be replaced not too fast due to the very low power consumption.

So we are now offering the solutions of Elotronik and Stop & Go, which have proved their worth in experiments that we had made over longer periods of time. In our Onlineshop you can find it here and choose the right device for you. We have everything you need to help you and have been tested by us, if more equipment (also other manufacturers) should be added over the course of time, you can rest assured that these have been tested by us and can be offered to you with a clear conscience .