Tire-Pressure-Monitoring System TPMS

Wheelsets only from the vehicle manufacturer?

What has been done since 1 November 2014, since every new vehicle of category M1 and M1G (in the main passenger car and mobile home) has to be equipped with the new tire pressure control systems?

Can the tire trade now pack and turn off the lights? Many car buyers are now faced with the problem that they need new winter tires for their car and  they have to be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, a so-called TPMS. The dealer often asserts that you can now only use original parts from the manufacturer and the service can only be done in the brand workshop.

This is of course not so!

We (and any other well-equipped tire service) can deliver here in the usual way and of course equip these wheels with the appropriate sensors, the commissioning of the sensors is often automatic, in case the sensors have to be taught via the OBDII interface, we can do this of course, the necessary equipment is available.

So you can continue to use our good service! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us, we can help with every type of vehicle. Our workshop is equipped in such a way that you are in the best hands even with the most extreme tire dimensions incl. Runflat!

Our Equipment:

With this or similar tools, we read out the sensors and can check them. Furthermore, we are therefore able to read out the states of the batteries so that if the battery is too low, then an unscheduled intermediate stop is not necessary in a tire service. The batteries hold under normal conditions approx. 7-10 years, then the sensor has to be exchanged (from today’s point of view), because these are completely sealed, when opening there is the danger that the electronics is not properly protected afterwards and thereby can occur malfunctions of the system.

Your new tire kit will then …

  • … either sensors from the OEM manufacturers (for example, Schrader, VDO or Huf), these behave like the original equipment of the vehicle
  • or newly programmed sensors, which are learned in the system, here the sensor manufacturers have many solutions for you. We use sensors of Alligator (sens.it), Schrader (EZ) or Huf (UPS) in our workshop. These can then be programmed either with their own sensor IDs, or the sensors on the vehicle will be cloned in order not to need a new initialization process when changing the wheel set. This is useful if you want to avoid having to visit the workshop after every change. Unfortunately, the vehicle manufacturers have not always configured their TPM systems in such a way that new sensors can be taught through a simple initialization drive.
  • … or original sensors of the vehicle manufacturer (usually expensive and actually unnecessary), which come mostly from the OEM anyway

The Schrader valve and an example of a mounted system in a rim:

The valve is screwed into the rim as normal or snapped in as a rubber valve (as before), then the sensor is mounted on it. For steel wheels, a special rubber valve can also be used (usually as a snap-in) and then the sensor can be mounted on it. The delivery programs of the sensor manufacturers are cover nearly everything needed to find a suitable solution here.

Compared to the standard version, depending on the sensors and valves used, a surcharge of approx. 130 EUR is required, for a Mercedes C-Class with light-alloy wheels, for example the surcharge is in the region of approx. 150 EUR (Schrader EZ or the OE sensors, which are fully programmed), these valves are also used with the vehicle manufacturer so that a replacement of the serial sensors is not too expensive. Depending on the design used, the tire mounting is increased by approx. 5-10 EUR per wheel due to the required renewal of individual seals and valve components. This ensures perfect operation.

The safety gain with these systems is considerable; we have installed these in a lot of vehicles long before the equipment is required, after we have come to know these systems a few years ago. The standard integration is thus a good step towards more security, we also make it affordable.