TPMS and cold weather

What do I do when my TPMS light comes on during cold weather?

Any time that the TPMS warning light comes ON, there is a possible low tire pressure condition. Tire pressure can drop due to cold conditions, and this drop in pressure may cause the TPMS light to come ON. As the tire warms up under normal driving conditions, the light may turn OFF. If the cold weather conditions cause the TPMS light to stay ON, check the tire pressure (when tires are cold) and inflate the tire to the proper pressure indicated on the door placard.

What does placard mean?

The tire placard is a term used for the tire information label. It contains information including the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, the recommended tire size and the maximum load you should have in your vehicle. The placard is normally located inside the driver’s side doorframe or doorpost, or it may be adhered to the edge of the driver’s door or the inside of the glove box door or trunk lid. The same information is also located in your owner’s manual.