Universal Sensors

We are always faced with the problem of having to think about which TPMS parts to put in stock. If you take pre-configured sensors, which can be installed in the respective vehicle without further programming, you quickly have the right sensor in your hand and can install it immediately, but for this comfort you also have several hundred parts in stock, and here you are quickly tied up 5-digit amounts of money, which you can better use elsewhere, in addition to the risk of not selling individual types, which can ultimately mean high losses.

A sensible strategy looks different. There is nothing to be said against stocking the usual sensor types, but this only makes sense if the goods are in motion, as a rule of thumb you can go from about 20% share of fixed configured sensors, with which you can then supply about 40-50% of your customer vehicles. The rest can program for the respective vehicles thanks to the universal sensors and is thus able to supply approx. 99% of the vehicles on the market. Recent developments by sensor manufacturers such as the T-Pro from Tyresure or Hamaton (2 brands, 1 product) now make it possible to completely dispense with pre-configured OE sensors.

With the Hybrid 3.5 you can cover a good 99% of the European vehicle models, which makes you very flexible when it comes to storage, because you don’t have to store many different parts, but basically you get a perfect vehicle coverage with 4 components. How is this possible?

Here we rely on a modular system which is based on the fact that all common applications can be obtained with only 4 products:

A sensor body can be equipped with both metal and rubber valves, the metal valves are still available in silver and black, so that the installation of these sensors is possible in almost all cases.

We get all 3 variants ready ex works, in connection with corresponding valve kits in stock any sensor type can be modified, so that in the end no unpopular variants remain. The pre-selection carried out for stocking can thus be adapted to the actual market requirements at any time.

The Hybrid 3.5 is compatible with all common devices (we recommend Ateq and Hamaton, the latter also come from Ateq, but are specially designed for use with the T-Pro, but usually with a longer license period, so another advantage because you do not constantly pay expensive license fees.

In summary, this results in a benefit that should not be underestimated in the tyre business. We don’t have to worry about which applications we might need, we don’t have to constantly evaluate which sensors sell how often, and this gives us maximum flexibility at minimum cost. T-Pro’s prices here are even lower than those of the most common competitors, so that these advantages do not have to be bought at a high price.

If we assume that a tyre company will offer new wheel sets into the winter season, plus new tyres on vehicles whose sensors will now slowly reach the end of their lives, then even a small to medium-sized company will have to adjust to three-digit sales figures per month. So the T-Pro can be put in stock 200 times, an investment of about 5000 EUR and maybe another 500 EUR for the valve sets in order to have maximum flexibility, for example the Hamaton H46 or H47. 6000 EUR for a start, which doesn’t have to cause you any worries, because if you have then equipped 50 vehicles consistently with it, and here each wheel set has charged with approx. 150 EUR, a yield of a good 20% remains, which doesn’t have to be spent partly for depreciating sensors that have been stuck at some point. The sensor is ready programmed in a few seconds, this can be done during the commissioning of the vehicle in less than a minute, which significantly reduces the throughput times in the workshop.

In terms of quality, the T-Pro are on the same level as the established products of the competitors, e.g. quality batteries from Maxell are used, which are designed for a service life of 7 years, plus modern quality electronics from the manufacturer NXP in a lightweight, robust housing, so you can expect a long service life, compatibility with all common technologies, such as autolocation, and you have a real universal talent in your hands, with which you make no compromises, your customers will be satisfied.